Craig Tolson

Financial Adviser

Craig is a former Building Inspector and Qualified Roofer who prides himself on being able to connect with people from all walks of life, from labourers to business owners. Craig came to The Advice Hub as a client first, after being introduced to Property & Personal Investment. He then combined his holistic knowledge of the building industry with his attention to detail, applying this to helping others choose quality investments and to protect their assets. He completed his Level 5 Certificate in Financial Services specialising in Insurance and Investments and enjoys continued education within the industry.

Professional experience

Coming from fast paced managerial roles across multiple industries, Craig has a wealth of experience working with people from every sector on most levels – be it on the golf course or in the boardroom.

Expertise & specialization

Craig enjoys solving problems and using his creativity. That fits extremely well in a financial services environment, where he exercises his integrity and down to earth approach.

Types of clients served

Under the guidance of our Senior Partner (his own Financial Adviser), Craig enjoys working as a team. He thrives on being able to help families, as he comes from a large family himself.

Accomplishments, memberships, and community service

Craig is a former football coach and will jump at the chance to encourage the younger generations to keep active and develop their skills.

Published articles

At home

Living by the beach and enjoying fishing, surfing and boating gives Craig opportunities to socialise with friends and family – many of whom are Happy Advice Hub Clients.

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