Jay Stothers

Mortgage Adviser

Having worked in lending at the broker units of two NZ’s largest banks since 2015, Jay’s experience instantly made him a valuable asset to the team when he joined The Advice Hub in 2021. Using his knowledge of the lender's perspective for the advantage of his clients allows him to consistently get the best outcome available. He is currently working through his L5 certificate in Financial Services and once completed, he will have the qualifications to support his ample experience in the field. 

He is an all in, fully committed adviser who is always there to talk when needed, as it is his belief that financial advice cannot be given to a stranger and he will be with you every step of the way. 

Professional experience

Working as a lender for two main banks has given Jay the experience required to remain comfortable and composed in stressful, high paced environments. He is ecstatic he has the opportunity to use his knowledge to impact customers directly.

Expertise & specialization

As his experience comes mostly in the home lending field, Jay’s knowledge of mortgages means that he is great at working with all potential home owners. He loves the uniqueness of each individual scenario and the work it takes to get the best out of these scenarios.

Types of clients served

Jay has experience across the board, working with all different shapes and sizes of home loans, though he does have a passion for asset based lending. Working with customers to find the best ways to use their assets to make them money is something that will always feel rewarding for him.

Accomplishments, memberships, and community service

Published articles

At home

The best way to get Jay out of bed has always been and will always be an Arsenal game or a Formula 1 race, whilst the time difference means he can watch the Knicks and the Giants over lunch. He loves to let his beagle Gatsby take him out on walks and is always looking for a new home improvement project to tackle.

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