May Boquiron

Compliance Manager

May has a degree in Management she completed in 2003. She started out in the Customer Service field for an investment brokerage firm in one of America’s leading financial institutions.

Part of the requirement for the role is to take the Series 7 and Series 63 licenses for Authorised Representative, which she passed with flying colours.

Unknowingly, this has started her journey in the financial industry as shortly after she also joined one of the Philippines’ leading banks, refining her skills and integrating herself to be a quality improvement champion, holding several roles, from managing people and supervising quality improvement projects to compliance and Management Information Systems (MIS) before taking on a role in financial services with iPraxis in 2012.

Professional experience

Over ten years of financial services compliance and paraplanning managmenet. May has initiated processes to improve systems, developed training plans that helped  paraplanners and advisers learn the ropes of giving financial stretigy advice, and better understand the concepts involved in financial planning.

Management of advisers to ensure compliance to ethical standards and compliance regulatory requirement.

May has overseen over 10,000+ compliant Statement of Advice reports and has probably written 1000+ Statements of Advice reports personally.

May is still continuously learning, as learning is always a continuous process. Nevertheless, has grown to love the profession and gained so much confidence that she can work through any challenges she encounters easily.

Expertise & specialization

Types of clients served

Accomplishments, memberships, and community service

In 2011, May, is among the pioneer batch in the Philippines to complete the RG146 certification through Pinnacle Financial Services Academy that has given her the passes for her family’s successful migration to New Zealand.

She is currently converting to Financial Services (Level 5) Certificate with the hope to bring a new perspective of financial planning to her fellow Filipinos who found their new home in New Zealand like her.

Published articles
New Zealand Retirement Planning SecretsHow to retire without the stress and worry

At home

May can be considered a workaholic and dedicated to what she does at work, but that’s just one side of the coin.

Off-work, she lived an active lifestyle. Her weekends are usually spent hiking, doing runs, and travelling to places, among others. Although this temporarily stopped when May fell pregnant, they’ve been slowly getting back into the habit again as soon as their little angel turned one.

Her family just loves the outdoors and adventures and with the stunning nature that New Zealand has, surely, they will find a way to explore the grandeur of their new home.

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