If you feel overwhelmed by the choices available to you and you’re worried about getting stuck with the wrong solution because somebody wanted to make a quick buck, talk to The Advice Hub about the right financial products and services for your goals and your future. You can trust that The Advice Hub’s solutions are accessible, researched, tested, and performance-based.


Independent, research-based KiwiSaver advice

Getting married, buying a house, starting a family, starting a new job or just worried that you’re not getting the best mileage for your money, The Advice Hub can help.

The Advice Hub will show you a report detailing the actual fees, <p-blue>PERFORMANCE RETURNS<p-blue>, benefits, and other essential things to look at when comparing KiwiSaver products – what counts is the performance return after taxes and fees.

Are you stuck with a corporate KiwiSaver provider in a default fund? Or have you been seduced by a marketing campaign promising you the best returns? The Advice Hub is the only financial advisory firm that conducts continuing <p-blue>INDEPENDANT RESEARCH<p-blue> and analysis of the best KiwiSaver providers and funds to help you achieve your financial goals, dreams and aspirations.

The Advice Hub is not affiliated with any KiwiSaver providers, and our only vested interests are your interests.

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