Oliver Nelson

Head of Lending

With 11 years experience in banking and financial services, along with a lifetime of exposure to the property market, Oliver brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.  He uses that to achieve exceptional client outcomes, while growing our team of world class mortgage advisers.

Professional experience

Prior to being self-employed, Oliver has worked for one of NZ’s largest banks and one of NZ’s largest independent financial advice firms and he's worked in lending for over 10 years. This combined experience gives him a unique insight into both sides of the industry and puts him in the optimal position to help his clients achieve their lending goals.

Expertise & specialization

Oliver specialises in residential property lending for PAYE and self-employed clients. With a thorough understanding of both government and lender policy, he can help you maximise your lending potential, whether it be for your first home or tenth investment.

Types of clients served

Oliver’s clients range from first home buyers to serial investors with 20+ properties. His aim is to help New Zealanders grow their wealth by purchasing, developing or leveraging property in the most efficient way possible. Although a bank is legally beholden to its shareholders’ best interests, Oliver works for his clients’ best interests.  With access to over 30 lenders, he will find the lender who is the best fit for them.

Accomplishments, memberships, and community service

Published articles
New Zealand Retirement Planning SecretsHow to retire without the stress and worry

At home

Oliver enjoys exploring the world and has travelled to many countries over five continents. Since COVID, Oliver’s enjoyed spending more time exploring more of what New Zealand has to offer. When at home, Oliver likes to unwind by cooking, gaming, hitting the gym or getting out and about on a good hike. His favourite drink is a boulevardier.

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